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Hoodia Slimming Tea, Bija, Flora

For thousands of years, ancient cultures across the globe have depended on herbs and spices for healing. From the Far East to Old Europe, people steeped them in hot water, sipping the healing brew as we drink it today. Bija Healing Teas look back to those faraway times and exotic lands to unlock age-old secrets to health. Taking all the care of our ancestors to find the highest quality ingredients that nature has to offer, Bija presents richly flavored, time-tested healing tea blends that maintain good health.



Whether it's a structured weight-loss regime, or a simple decision to be more careful about over-doing between-meal snacks, all successful dieters have one common trait the ability to steadfastly resist temptation.

In other words, successful dieters put the focus on controlling their cravings. They know that by resisting the desire for certain favorite foods, the excess pounds and unwanted inches will take care of themselves.

The problem is, that despite the best intentions, for most of us, it's all too instantaneously gratifying to give into temptation than to resist on the basis of the nebulous promise that in a week or a month we'll reap a more satisfying reward.
If only there were a pleasant way to strengthen our resolve to resist cravings. A way that, at the same time, would safely hasten the weightloss process.
As usual, nature offers a simple solution.
A natural, holistic approach to appetite-and weight-control.
New BIJA Hoodia Slimming Tea combines hoodia cactus, a natural appetite suppressant from Southern Africa, with other time-tested weight-control teas, herbs and spices to help:
control the appetite both during and between meals
increase metabolism and burn fat
prevent the conversion of calories into fat
more efficiently eliminate wastes

As is the hallmark of the BIJA family of healing teas, BIJA Hoodia Slimming Tea also tastes great.
Carefully blended to safely, and effectively, help you reduce.
Hoodia Used by Kalahari Bushmen for thousands of years, its active ingredients signal to the brain that the stomach is full, suppressing hunger cravings. Hoodia also enhances endurance and physical stamina. Extracts of this rare cactus have been shown to be safe in clinical research.
Green Tea A double blind study in Europe indicated that drinking 2 cups of green tea per day can help decrease body fat by increasing the metabolism. It also contains powerful anti-oxidants that help support cardio-vascular health. (3 cups of Hoodia Slimming Tea provides 2 cups of green tea which is naturally caffeinated)
Magnolia Bark Magnolia Bark helps break up stagnation within the digestive tract, facilitating elimination.
Oatstraw Herb  This noted diuretic helps the body eliminate liquid wastes.
Garcinia Cambogia Found in the jungles of Thailand, garcinia cambogia is a mild appetite suppressant that works by interfering with the conversion of calories to fat. It is also mildly laxative.
Bitter Orange High in anti-oxidants, bitter orange helps balance body functions while dieting. It also stimulates bile production to help the body more effectively digest fat.
Grapefruit Helps BIJA Hoodia Slimming Tea achieve its delightful, refreshing flavor.
Hoodia Slimming Tea 1 box       29.99  
Hoodia Slimming Tea 2 boxes       49.99  
Hoodia Slimming Tea 3 boxes       69.99